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Qualitative Findings from Survey (in order of frequency)

1. Many women felt they were being denied opportunities  because of their gender, mostly through generalized sexism, although a few were targets of retribution for denying romantic/sexual advances

2.Most women just “took themselves out of the game” by:

  • Choosing to leave a mission/country/organization

  • Hesitating or refusing to take a job opportunity because of fear of repeated exposure to a previous experience of discrimination /harassment/assault

  • Leaving the field altogether (or considering leaving the field altogether)

3. Developing coping mechanisms/changing behaviors that had negative impacts on their job performance

  • Becoming more withdrawn, quiet, passive, shy

  • Become more aggressive, direct, rude

  • Withdrawing from certain situations (both professional and social) that could be helpful to career

  • Loss of motivation for work

4. Some women used these experiences to empower themselves to develop strategies to deal with these issues themselves, or to alter career to work as gender advisor or in protection to address the issue at a systemic level

5. Five women shared instances of being forced to leave because of their experience

Screen Shot 2562-02-05 at 15.45.38.png

The most prevalent response to this question was feeling as if opportunities were being denied to women because of their gender.

The second and fifth most prevalent response has to do with women taking themselves out of the game: either by choosing to leave a mission/country/organization, or hesitating/refusing to take a job opportunity due to their experiences with discrimination/harassment/assault. If you combine the two results of these codes, this becomes the most prevalent theme, which means that women are taking themselves out of the game. This is a strong result that confirms what we were hearing about women dropping out due to harassment.

The third and fourth most prevalent concerns voiced were of women altering their behavior and performance due to the stresses of discrimination/harassment/assault.

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